The Truth About Ephedrine & Ephedra

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The Real Truth about Ephedrine & Ephedra

Often times, discussions and publications surrounding ephedrine products end up taking a controversial stance. The thing is, the media always needs a scapegoat – it’s much easier to single out a product rather than search for the real underlying facts surrounding an issue. Take for example the original ephedra diet pill ban of 2004; All ephedra with ephedrine alkaloid containing supplements were pulled from the market in a ruling by the FDA that found the diet pills “unsafe” (Read more on that here). However Ephedra diet pills are STILL available LEGALLY on the market. Ephedra isn’t banned, ephedrine isn’t banned. Ephedrine cannot be in a dietary supplement, but can be sold on its own. Ephedra is not banned at all, there are hundreds of forms of ephedra.

Ephedra is not banned at all. There are many forms of ephedra still available. It’s easy to take a product and rule it unsafe, any product can be unsafe. Drinking too much water can lead to side effects, consuming too much caffeine can lead to side effects, taking too much of ANYTHING can lead to side effects – why single out ephedrine/ephedra? Alcohol destroys thousands, if not millions of lives every year, why not ban alcohol? What about tobacco?

Most people fail to realize that clinical, peer reviewed studies exist that validate the safety and effectiveness of ephedrine/caffeine stacks.

Actual Clinical proof:

See studies here:

1) EC Stack Study 1 – Confirms safety and effectiveness

2) EC Stack Study 1 – Confirms Lean body mass retention properties, effective weight loss, no withdrawal symptoms

These are just a couple of examples of a pile of studies that can confirm the safety and effectiveness of the EC stack (Ephedrine & Caffeine) for weight loss. The bottom line is that although ephedrine is often presented in a controversial and negative light, it is a very diverse and effective product. Ephedrine is also the most popular over-the-counter asthma medication. It is a product that can help people lose weight, breathe better, and studies confirm its safety when used appropriately.


Ephedra diet pills can still be purchased on the market which is a good thing because 90% of the “fat burners” and “diet pills” available for sale are complete junk. The controversy surrounding ephedrine is often a media scapegoat – Back a few years ago it was creatine was actually under-fire as being a dangerous supplement, it was really quite silly.