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 Information on buying ephedrine

Here are some quick tips for those interested in purchasing ephedrine:

-Only purchase ephedrine products that have an eight milligram tablet dose. Current regulations allow a maximum per tablet dose of eight milligrams so any product that is exceeding this is violating regulations and should be avoided.

-The two top brands for ephedrine products are Kaizen and Synergenex so stick with these two brands when shopping. Finally if you are looking to use ephedrine for fat loss you may want to read our article on the EC stack.

Brands to avoid when buying ephedrine

There are a couple of brands that should be avoided when buying ephedrine. These brands include vasopro, efedrin, efedrin arsan, and any other ephedrine product that contains a high dose or contains guaifenesin. Synergenex and Kaizen brand ephderine are pure ephedrine products that have eight milligram tablets. These brands are fully compliant and up to date with all health regulations and their products are manufactured in a GMP approved facility.


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Buying Ephedrine FAQ

What is the best brand of Ephedrine to buy?

The best brand of ephedrine to buy is either Synergenex or Kaizen. These are two very large companies with amazing reputations. All of their products are produced under strict guidelines in GMP facilities so you know you will be getting a top quality product.

Where should I buy ephedrine & ephedra?

We recommend ordering ephedrine online here. Extremely reputable company that will go out of their way to make you happy.

What are some tips to keep in mind when buying ephedrine?

- Avoid brands like Efedrin Arsan or Vasopro. While these products may have been a good buy in a past time, they aren’t now. The only ephedrine products you should be buying now are Kaizen and Synergenex. The reason for this is that ephedrine is now regulated to be produced in 50 tablet bottles with tablets containing a maximum of 8mg of pure ephedrine. Some of these products contain tablets in doses as high as 25 and 50mg, avoid these.

I want to buy Ephedrine for fat loss

For more information on ephedrine for fat loss, be sure to check out this link: ECA Stack

Is ephedrine hcl or ephedrine sulfate better to buy?

Ephedrine HCL is a much better supplement for energy/boosting metabolism/weight loss/thermogenesis.