ECA Stack

The ECA Stack Explained

ECA stack

First off let me be clear that one thing you need to be cautious of when using this stack is the amount of ephedrine you consume.

What does ECA stand for?

ECA stands for ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin. It is probably the most effective fat burning stack out there!


Ephedrine hcl is the core of this effective fat loss stack. Ephedrine is very effective at increasing energy, burning fat, suppressing appetite, increasing metabolism, and even relieving nasal congestion. When stacked with caffeine, ephedrine is even more effective because when these two ingredients are stacked together it creates a thermogenic environment within your body which is ideal for burning fat. The great thing about the ECA stack is that it targets fat and not muscle, it actually retains lean muscle mass (A key point for bodybuilders).

Ephedra is the herbal version of ephedrine. Most people have heard of ephedra diet products, well these products consisted of active ephedrine alkaloids stacked with caffeine and other ingredients. One thing you always need to be aware of is how much ephedrine you are actually consuming. With the ECA stack the maximum recommended dosage is 24mg of ephedrine and 200mg of caffeine, three times daily. It is also very important to stay hydrated and make sure you are still eating.

The regulations on ephedrine will vary from area to area however if you purchase 8mg ephedrine from Canada there is rarely an issue. You can shop for ephedrine directly on the link provided to the left. Ephedrine 8mg is shipped to the USA 100% of the time without an issue, and 99% of the time to Europe and Australia without any issue as well.


Caffeine is not super effective on its own but once it is stacked with ephedrine it becomes a crucial ingredient in the most potent fat loss stack on the market. Similar to ephedrine, taking enormous amounts of caffeine can become dangerous, so stick to the proper dosing protocols. Caffeine is generally legalized and non-regulated in most places.

Often times when using the ECA stack I will swap out a caffeine pill dosage and replace it with a cup of coffee. It could be something for you to consider as well.


From what I have researched it seems that the logic behind adding aspirin to the stack has to do with thinning out the blood so that more fat cells get burned up. Personally I have used the ECA stack and the EC stack (without aspirin) and I have noticed absolutely no difference in the effectiveness. So in conclusion I really don’t think aspirin is a needed addition to make this stack effective. The most important ingredients are the two core components: ephedrine and caffeine.

ECA Dosing:

Week 1: 8 milligrams of ephedrine hcl + 200 milligrams of caffeine, three times per day

Week 2: 16 milligrams of ephedrine hcl + 200 milligrams of caffeine three times per day

Week 3 – 6: 24 milligrams of ephedrine hcl + 200 milligrams of caffeine three times per day

Week 6-12: Rest and avoid stimulants.

eca stack results


The ECA stack is a super effective and safe fat loss stack. There is no fancy labelled fat burner available on the market that will yield the results that a simple ECA or EC stack will yield. The key is to use your brain and be responsible when taking the stack. If you have any medical conditions, avoid it. Drink lots of water and eat lots of food, and go about business as usual. If you have any side effects or feel like you are becoming dependent on the stack, then perhaps it is time to stop. Be sure to stick with a quality ephedrine brand such as kaizen ephedrine.

Stay educated and stay smart!

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