Efedrin FAQ




What is Efedrin?

Efedrin refers to a European ephedrine product called “efedrin arsan”. Efedrin arsan used to be a popular product that is no longer available to purchase. The tablet size was 50mg, about 6 times as potent as what is allowed today and what most would call a dangerous dose. A typical ephedrine & caffeine fat loss stack includes 24mg of ephedrine, three times per day. Efedrin is also a European spelling of the product “ephedrine”.

Is Efedrin able to be purchased?

Yes, you can purchase Efedrin directly here: Buy Efedrin

What dose of Efedrin is allowed?

Back in a past day the dosages of efedrin products varied greatly. However in 2012 there is no option when it comes to the dose of an efedrin product. Eight milligrams per tablet and fifty tablets per bottle is the only legal option available in present day. Any product that strays from these guidelines is “ify” at best.

Is Efedrin and Ephedrine the same thing?

Yes, efedrin is just a different spelling version of ephedrine. Efedrin is often used to represent efedrin arsan which was an ephedrine product available in a time gone by. Many people also confuse the spelling of ephedra with efedra, but indeed these are also the same products.

Is Efedrin safe?

It is always best to check with a medical professional before using efedrin. Do not substitute this advice for medical advice but efedrin should be completely safe if used by a healthy individual. It is important to always read the label and not to exceed the recommended dosage. There are recommended dosages outlined for a reason remember!