FAQ on Ephedrine


Is ephedrine safe?

Always consult a medical professional before using any health product because effects and side effects may differ from person to person. For a healthy individual without any underlying medical condition ephedrine should be absolutely safe to use.

What is ephedrine used for?

People have been using ephedrine for thousands of years. It has many popular uses:

- It is used in popular teas, Mormon tea for example.

- It is used in many flu medicines.

-  It is used as nasal decongestant (commonly ephedrine hcl).

- Some people use it to burn fat (Using kaizen ephedrine).

- It used to be a popular ingredient in many diet pills and fat loss products.

- Athletes have reported using ephedrine to open their airways and give them an energy kick.

How much does ephedrine cost?

Ephedrine usually costs around ten dollars for fifty, eight milligram tablets.

What is a typical ephedrine dose?

The only legal ephedrine products on the market contain an 8 mg dose per tablet. Previously available products used to have doses as high as 50 mg, but most were around 25 mg.

What is the EC stack?

The EC stack stands for ephedrine and caffeine. The EC stack is a popular term used to describe combining ephedrine and caffeine together to burn fat. Usually an EC stack involves taking 200 mg of caffeine and 24 mg of ephedrine three times daily for 4-6 weeks. This stack has often been labelled as “the ultimate fat burning stack”.

I am a competitive athlete, will ephedrine make me fail a drug test?

Ephedrine is banned in most major sporting organizations, yes. It is recommended that you do not take any products containing ephedrine is you are going to be tested for performance enhancers. This includes nasal decongestants, flu medicines, and pure ephedrine.

Where is a good place to buy ephedrine?

While ephedrine is not readily available, ephedra diet pills are. Ephedrine is available here.

When should ephedrine not be used?

Ephedrine should not be mixed with asthma medications, anti-depressants, or any other medication. If you have any health condition or medical condition you should not take ephedrine. Ephedrine should not be stacked with other stimulants or alcohol. Ephedrine should never be used during pregnancy.

Should ephedrine be used everyday?

No, ephedrine should not be used everyday. If you feel like you are becoming dependent on ephedrine or any other stimulant you should cease using the product immediately.