Is Ephedrine Legal?

Is Ephedrine Legal? This popular question is finally


is ephedrine legal


To be blunt, it depends on where you live. However most of the time it is a safe bet to order ephedrine from Canada to your location. Ephedrine that comes from Canada is regulated to an eight milligram dose, and it isn’t marketed as a fat loss product. The big issue with ephedrine in other areas is that the products are being marketed towards weight loss & fat loss. Now everybody knows that 90% of ephedrine users are going to use the product for weight loss, however there are regulations that exist that try and prevent manufacturers from marketing the products that way. To be 100% safe it is a smart idea to call up your local customs & border office before ordering ephedrine, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

In referencing the shop, These guys simply play by the book. They sell a wide range of products and they follow all regulations when shipping & marketing ephedrine products. The online stores you should stay away from are those that are heavily promoting ephedrine for fat loss, ephedrine for weight loss, etc. When you come across a site that plays by the book such as Ephedrine Online, then you know you’re in for good service.

If Ephedrine isn’t being sold in your area it doesn’t mean you can’t get it and it doesn’t mean that it’s illegal to order in. 99.99% of the time that ephedrine is shipped from Canada to the USA, Australia, or Europe, there is NO issue.

Ephedra on the other hand is flat out banned. Ephedra products should be avoided and you should definitely avoid ordering ephedra products off of the internet. Listen, ephedra products simply consisted of ephedrine and caffeine as their main ingredients and then a load of “fluff” and fancy labels. You can aquire a month supply of Ephedrine & Caffeine (EC stack) for like twenty or thirty bucks.