Kaizen Ephedrine

Kaizen Ephedrine

kaizen ephedrine bottle

Kaizen is a Canadian company that specializes in the creation and sale of top quality natural health products. Kaizen has many popular products but their undisputed two most popular products are ephedrine and caffeine. As a reputable brand, Kaizen follows all rules and regulations when it comes to the production of  their ephedrine products. Their ephedrine hcl products are limited to 8 milligram tablets and 50 tablets per bottle. This is to be in line with the current regulations in Canada for the production and sale of ephedrine. I have been using Kaizen products for many years and I can vouch for their quality.

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Is Kaizen Ephedrine any Different Than Normal Ephedrine?

No, Kaizen Ephedrine is still pure ephedrine. The only notable difference is that in the past many companies such as vasopro produced their ephedrine products in higher dosages like 12.5 or 25 milligrams. Current regulations will only allow for 8 milligram per tablet dosages and a maximum of 50 tablets per bottle.

Can Kaizen Ephedrine and Kaizen Caffeine be used for the EC Stack?

Many people are going to buy the products for this exact use. I have been using Kaizen ephedrine and Kaizen caffeine for many years as an EC Stack. I start off by taking 1 ephedrine and 1 caffeine, three times per day, and I slowly increase until I am taking 3 ephedrine (24mg) and 1 caffeine (200mg), 3 times per day. I would suggest starting off with a low dose to asses your tolerance and gradually ramp it up. I use the EC stack when I’m cutting for bodybuilding, I especially like the fact that it specifically burns fat and not muscle. I train year round to put on as much muscle as possible so when it comes time to cut I can rest assured that the EC stack will only attack my fat mass.

How much is Kaizen Ephedrine to buy?

It really depends on how much someone is purchasing. Usually a single bottle of Kaizen ephedrine hcl is around ten dollars. However I usually order in bulk and I get it for as cheap as five dollars per bottle. You can order it directly online from the same place that I do by clicking on a link to the right on the sidebar.

What types of Kaizen Ephedrine exist?

Kaizen has three types of ephedrine:

Kaizen Ephedrine HCL Bottle:

kaizen ephedrine






Kaizen Ephedrine Pouch:

kaizen ephedrine pouch






Kaizen Ephedrine Rapid Release:

ephedrine rapid release







Each of these products contain 50 tablets of pure 8 milligram ephedrine. The rapid release is a little different because it has a cool mint flavor and it is designed to dissolve right under the tongue.