What is Synephrine?

Synephrine is a thermogenic product that hit the market in hopes of replacing ephedrine. Since then, legal versions of ephedrine have been re-added to the marketplace so synephrine has taken a back-seat. Synephrine is a very effective fat burner and is usually produced in 30mg tablets.

Synephrine is a dietary supplement and is actually extracted from a fruit! It has many other popular names such as bitter orange, sour orange, and zhi shi.

Is Synephrine an effective fat burner?

In my opinion synephrine is definitely an effective fat burner. Synephrine has an increased effectiveness when it is stacked with caffeine and this is how many people choose to use it. It is important to always be safe and consume low dosages if you plan on stacking synephrine and caffeine together, more does not mean better results!

How does Synephrine stack up when compared to Ephedrine?

Ephedrine is probably the superior product. I have experienced better results stacking ephedrine and caffeine versus synephrine and caffeine. Some people will disagree and it all comes down to personal preference really!

Where can I buy Synephrine or Ephedrine

Synephedrine can be purchased here: Synephrine Products

Ephedrine can be purchased here: Ephedrine Products

What is the best Synephrine product?

SD pharmaceuticals makes a top quality, pure synephrine product. SD products are all produced in GMP facilities and are all approved products. Check out SD – Synephrine 30 , each tablet has 30mg of pure synephrine.